New Website & Logo

New Website & Logo

While Electric Escape has busied itself building websites for clients, our own website sat dormant. But technology changes fast and websites are no exception, so the advancements in web building technology have rendered the old website pretty out-of-date since it was built way back when (2015).

Mobile and responsive design was still in its infancy, interactivity and movement was barely touched as Flash started to go extinct.

But now we finally have a new website fresh for 2022! It’s still in the processes of updates and this time around it’s more tweaked towards my own personal taste. For some reason I still love the pink/dark blue colour combination. Although this design and colour scheme doesn’t fit the standard business model for branding, such as the white background that 99% of websites have, this time we’ll break the rules.

... and a logo

That’s not all though, it’s been even longer since the logo was changed. 15 years in fact, so it was also time to overhaul the logo. I still love negative space logos so the “e” still ends up cut out of the brand mark, then combined with my two favourite kinds of fonts – big fat capitals and signature-style handwriting. So maybe this one will stick around for the next 15 years.

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