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Are you planning to take your business online? We can help.

We’ve been building eCommerce websites with support for most of the popular eCommerce systems for the last 15 years.

Turn your vision of a successful online store into reality. We deliver what we’ve committed while ensuring you get exactly what you’ve envisioned for your business.

Every eCommerce website design we do is bespoke and built specifically around your choice and business needs. When a potential customer visits your website for first time, it should leave a lasting impression. That’s why it is highly important that your ecommerce website design is clean and user friendly that motivate the users to take desired action on your ecommerce website

We're no one trick pony!

We’ve worked with a wide variety of e-commerce platforms including, but not limited to:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Big Commerce
  • J2Store
  • Virtuemart
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • eShop
  • Open Cart/Mijo Shop
  • CS Cart
  • Square
  • ZenCart/osCommerce

Our Pick

WooCommerce is a completely customisable eCommerce platform. It works alongside WordPress plugins and a host of plugins, allowing you to create an online store that is user-friendly and looks amazing.

eCommerce AND Content management system

This is what makes WooCommerce superior, because it works alongside a fully featured content management system (WordPress) that is just as expertly built as the eCommerce side. Whereas most of the other major eCommerce platforms are built for shopping, but end up being poor in the other areas of building your websites, such as a proper live drag and drop page builder. Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, Big Commerce – they’re all big names but they’re all disappointing at giving you features outside of your shop, where they’ve just tacked on a minimal content management system that is years behind what is available for WordPress or Joomla for that matter.

Want to add a decent looking gallery, testimonials page, or list of services which may be just as important as the products you sell? You need a proper fully-featured content management system to work alongside your store.

Digital or Physical Products

Another great part about setting up your business through WooCommerce is that you can sell anything here, ranging from physical and digital products to subscriptions, appointments, and much more. It basically acts as a Swiss army knife of commercial applications.

Easy Store Management

Content is an important component of eCommerce marketing, sales optimisation, and search engine optimisation (SEO). WooCommerce sits within the WordPress platform, one of the most popular content management systems in the world. This makes it exceptionally easy to manage your content, create responsive websites and build a store that is as discoverable as it is user friendly.

Ample Official Extensions

The biggest factor that makes WooCommerce an ideal platform to launch your online business is its 8000+ official extensions. Here you’d get the most optimal extensions for your site’s analytics, payments, shipping, marketing, and even accounting at a bare minimum cost. You can easily choose from a myriad of paid and free extensions, which can be easily integrated into your web store.

A Platform Made for Selling

WooCommerce is a platform exclusively designed for selling, providing all essential features that a retailer would need for running their online store. The platform has over 100 pre-integrated payment gateways that can be easily set up in your store. You can choose from multiple WooCommerce shipping methods to integrate into your store, all having configurable shipping zones and classes. The platform also offers an intuitive backend for managing orders, stock, communication, refunds, and any other aspects to help run your store smoothly.

… and no recurring fees!

The biggest perk of setting your online shop with us is that it’s a one-off, fixed price.

After paying for the initial set up, which is quite affordable, you won’t get stung with paying monthly fees for everything but the kitchen sink. We’re looking at you, Shopify. Whlie we support clients that run Shopify there’s no hiding that many of the plugins you require, are set up to rinse you of your profits month by month. So in the long run you’re able to concentrate on maximising profits.

Top benefits of building with electric escape

  • It's an open source system, you own it all
  • Huge library of extensions
  • Achieve any kind of custom functionality
  • Easy and effective design features
  • It’s easy to manage for non tech users
  • Sell any type of products
  • Integration capabilities
  • It’s SEO friendly
  • Analytics power
  • Security Certificate included
  • One administration panel from browser or app
  • Instant payment/credit card processing
  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Email confirmation of orders
  • Seemless integration with your website design
  • View, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin
  • Worldwide shipping and tax options
  • Full inventory and stock management

eCommerce Website Examples

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