Brand New Hosting Server & SSD Drives!!!

Brand New Hosting Server & SSD Drives!!!

It’s upgrade time – our hosting is now running on a brand new server.

Intel™ E3-1230, 8M Cache, 3.20 GHz, 64 bit, 32GB ram and all now SSD disk space!

No matter how many tweaks you do on your website, how much you compress your images or content, nothing will make such a big difference to loading speed as the server speed. In particular, an SSD which is up to 75% faster than a normal hard disk drive.

Most hosts are still only offering HDD due to the high cost of SSD. But Electric Escape offers ONLY SSD now, and at the same price as always!

Of the top 15 web hosts in New Zealand, only 4 offer SSD hosting, and none of comes close to storage space and price of Electric Escape.

Combined with managed hosting so you don’t need to learn how to do everything yourself, Electric Escape offers one of the fastest affordable shared hosting servers in New Zealand.

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