Graphic Design

Great graphic design is all about developing a strong, cohesive and professional business presence for your company.

Build Brands

from every angle

Preparing a publication or product for print requires a unique understanding of the printing process. We have years of experience dealing with a wide range of print based projects, from business cards and multi-page catalogues, to large-scale billboards and vehicle wraps.

What makes us different?

We have a vast experience in printed media, creating graphic and print designs that have as much impact as our websites. We offer a complete in-house design service; from logo creation (see Logos & Branding), business cards and stationary, through to newsletters, brochures and magazines layouts. If it can be printed on, we can design for it.

There are very few of us in Christchurch that specialise in branding, graphic design and websites all in one. Elsewhere you’re forced to use different companies and designers, which means dealing with a number of different people trying to imitate some consistency from one to another. With us, all of your marketing presence is consistent and very high quality.

What makes us different?