Basic Steps to Improve Your Ranking

Basic Steps to Improve Your Ranking

A simple search of a particular keyword or phrase on Google gives back hundreds of results if not thousands. It is simple logic; that a prospective consumer is more likely to click on the links displayed on the first few pages of the search engine results if not the first page. But how do you get your site on the first page of search engines such as Google

Here are some tips to getting your website to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Know the Importance of Content

When it comes to online business and high web page ranking, content is king and it probably always will be. Create web content that is not only relevant but also helpful to your target market and website visitors and before you know it, your site’s traffic starts increasing. Maintain high-quality content that is kept fresh and regularly updated. Search engines will always detect content that is optimised for search engines rather than the users so you will want to avoid over-optimising but use the most relevant keywords.

Use Your Keywords Right

Keywords remain a highly important factor when it comes to website page ranking. Optimised web content should have relevant, researched, high-ranking keywords. Use relevant keywords in your posts, business descriptions, social profiles, and other platforms online. Make sure these keywords are throughout your website, particular high up on the page such as in heading tags (H1 and H2). Also use them in ALT tags, your page title description and meta tags. If you don’t use the keywords you want to be found under on your website anywhere, how will you ever rank for it?

Don’t Forget Backlinks

Backlinks links are quite crucial when it comes to search engine ranking. Backlinks are basically links to your website on other websites. Google’s link on their search engine is basically a backlink. Stay keen on the content on your website and ensure that each page has inbound backlinks to high-authority blogs and websites. However, you should try to use websites with content that is relevant to your business or the message you’re specifically trying to pass across in your content.

Utilise Directories

Local business directories, article directories, and web directories are quite important when it comes to search engine optimisation. One way to utilise the power of directories to boost your website’s page ranking is to write high-quality articles and submit them to reputable article directories with a link back to your website. These attract value and traffic, which is pleasant to search engine bots and spiders. But this takes a lot of time, so focus on just getting listed on business directories, as that provides the backlink to your website.

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