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We’ve been working with Phyllis Brown for over a decade on her many projects.

Up until now she’s had various businesses set up as different websites and brands.

Busines Bubble, Spirit Talk, The Phoenix Light Foundation, Phyllis Brown.

But finally in 2022 everything has come together into one massive portal that encompasses most of her businesses into one.

This meant building a very technologically advanced website that would have been impossible to build ten years ago without 100’s of development hours. But now a website like this can be done that is actually affordable for anyone.

So let’s outline the different areas of Opus Soul.

Courses / Academy

A complete eLearning management system where the client can create, manage and sell eLearning Courses online.

Previously using Thinkific and paying their massive fees, the courses are now completely built into the website.

  • Frontend Drag & Drop Course Builder
  • Dashboard for Teachers & Students
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Advanced Analytics & Reports
  • Add Videos From Anywhere
  • Certificate Builder

It’s a full commercial, scalable LMS solution without any recurring fees.

Digital Downloads Shopping & Streaming

A major part of the website is a built-in digital download and streaming system. One area which offers purchasable eBooks, while the larger offers streaming audio you can purchase or sign up for a subscription plan. The client can manage product bundles, subscriptions, demo streaming.

There are very few platforms available offering eCommerce based digital streaming without it being hosted on a third party website, which means big commissions. The Opus Soul streaming is completley built in.

Customer management, Discount codes, data reporting, payment gateway, file access control. What’s more is everything runs off the same checkout and registration system.

Subscription System

Also built-in is a full subscription system allowing users to sign up for monthly or annual subsciptions to exclusive content, downloads, and access to the digital downloads.

  • Multi-level exclusive access
  • Automatical subscription renewal
  • Payment gateways for Stripe and Paypal
  • Easy members management

Event Manager

A smaller part of the website, but a built in all in one events management tool with all premium features including live ticket management, downloadable tickets and payment gate.

We’ve also done plenty of graphic design, here’s a selection of mediation and eBook covers

Electric Escape