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The website, using WordPress, was designed to feature an attractive menu layout, an online table booking system and online ordering. The challenge of online ordering is that there are very few standalone ordering systems designed for ease-of-use and actually being affordable. The Chillax website had both, with a simple popup interface with all items available and being built-in, meaning the client only had to pay standard credit card transaction fees and not a third-party ordering system like Uber. So customers could easily use the website to make their orders online.


This project is also a great example of our photography, which is some we don’t provide very often.

The overall brand and design represented the natural tones of Filipino street food. The logo giving emphasis to both the cafe side of the business, while showing the Filipino islands as a background. All branding continues the brown, blue and orange colours scheme mixed with hints of coffee styling.

Chillax Brochure design
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